So really, what is this blog now?

Mar 29, 2021

I guess this blog is a place for me to experiment.

I very much admire the blog by my friend Pat Walls. He mainly writes daily, short pieces, but also sometimes longer, more developed essays.

Yet, I’m not sure I can pull that off. When I write daily, it tends to be in the form of journaling. And my journaling is mostly just me getting all of the negative emotions and thoughts out of my head. Not exactly publishable writing.

And when I do write to publish, well, if you’ve read any other post on this blog, you’ll know that my writing tends to go long. There is a time and place for long articles, but I could frequently be more concise.

So this is my first attempt at seeing what comes out when I sit down to write for this blog.

It’s difficult. The words don’t come easy. But stick with it, and they just might start to.