Why Start a Blog in 2019?

Mar 26, 2019

The internet and it’s vastness can be so overwhelming. At times it feels like everything that I could want to write about has already been written about. Take a topic like “starting a software development agency”. Google tells me that there are already over 200 million results for this. It’s intimidating to think that I could possibly add anything to the conversation.

And yet, I’ve decided to write this blog for two reasons.

1) To be helpful 🔗

I recently started my own software development agency after having been employed as a software developer for 10+ years. Lately, I’ve had more friends and colleagues come to me with business questions that I’ve been able to answer. I realized if I’m able to help them, perhaps I can help strangers on the internet. If I write something that helps at least one person then I’ll consider that a success.

2) To get feedback from others 🔗

Far too often I’ve worked in a vacuum. I’ve built products in isolation and then launched them into the void of the internet, only to end up with no one using the product. In today’s internet, “If you build it, they will not come.” I hope that by making my work public on this blog, I will at least attract some people interested in what I’m doing.

These are my two reasons for starting this blog. If you have a blog, I’d be curious to hear what your reasons for writing are. Or if you don’t, what’s holding you back? Email me at chris@spagnuolosoftware.com and I will reply.