2019 Year in Review

2019 was a year of both professional and personal growth for me. In my professional life, I quit my full-time job, started consulting, and began launching self-funded products. In my personal life, I completed my first year of no drinking, began a wonderful relationship, and took a couple of great road trips.

Why Aspiry?

Aspiry was born out of my previous project, Accountability Pledge. With Accountability Pledge, I wanted to help people commit to doing the things they wanted to do, but weren’t, and needed a little extra push.

Thoughts on Writing and Shipping

I started my blog because I wanted to be helpful and write articles that others could learn from. While noble I guess, this mindset is holding me back from actually writing and publishing. I’ve put this pressure on myself that every article I write needs to be teaching or showing someone how to do something.

What I've Learned About Accountability

One of the hardest parts about building a solo business is holding yourself accountable. Without a boss or teammates, it’s up to you and you alone to get things done. This isn’t always easy, particularly in the age of distraction that we live in. I know some people who are full of intrinsic motivation and are able to just get stuff done. I admire the heck out of them, but personally, I need a lot more help to hold myself accountable.

Why We Bootstrap

Last week, I attended my first ever pitch meeting. My client is seeking their seed round investment and wanted me to attend. It was an eye-opening experience. Personally, I’ve never had the desire to build a business that required outside investment. And after seeing the pitch process firsthand, I understand why more clearly now.

2019 Challenge: Launch One Product Every Three Months

During the first quarter of 2019, I was solely focused on building my software consulting business. So far this has gone well, and I have enough client work to support myself. Now I am looking to shift towards my primary goal, which is to earn income through selling my own products. My intention for the rest of the year is to launch one product every three months. Product 1: April - June Product 2: July - September Product 3: October - December

First Steps for Starting Your Own Consulting Business

I’ve had several friends ask me what steps I took to start my software consulting business. Many people are miserable working at their 9-5 job and want to work for themselves, but don’t where to begin. My advice is to start by figuring out the absolute minimum income that you could live off of. Why do this? One of the scariest parts about starting your own business is giving up the security of a regular paycheck.

Why Start a Blog in 2019?

The internet and it’s vastness can be so overwhelming. At times it feels like everything that I could want to write about has already been written about. Take a topic like “starting a software development agency”. Google tells me that there are already over 200 million results for this. It’s intimidating to think that I could possibly add anything to the conversation. And yet, I’ve decided to write this blog for two reasons.